Hillary Clinton Told YearlyKos Convention She Helped Start Media Matters

October 1st, 2007 6:00 PM

As NewsBusters reported Sunday, the leftwing organization responsible for the recent smear campaigns against Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, Media Matters, has direct ties to the Clintons.

To be sure, folks on the left, and in the media that support them, will either deny this connection, or ignore it.

In the end, that's going to be hard to do, for on August 4, while speaking at the YearlyKos convention in Chicago, the junior senator from New York boasted of "institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress."

Our friend Mike Church has been kind enough to provide the following audio of this segment of her speech that day (partial transcript to follow). Those interested can also view the video available here (relevant section at 2:20):

We are certainly better prepared and more focused on, you know, taking our arguments, and making them effective, and disseminating them widely, and really putting together a network, uh, in the blogosphere, in a lot of the new progressive infrastructure, institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress.

Sounds like the junior senator confirmed my contention from Sunday: "Hillary and her backers have created an advocacy network whose expressed goal is to take down all of her critics in the media.

She continued:

You know, we're beginning to match what I had said for years was the advantage of the other side. Uh, you know, when I made that comment about the vast right-wing conspiracy, I wasn't kidding. Uh, what I never could have predicted is that it was not a conspiracy, it was just wide open and out there for everybody to see.

Well, Senator, it now appears that the advocacy network you "helped to start and support" is wide open and out there for everybody to see.

Talk about your inconvenient truths!

Update 10-02 9:31 | Matthew Sheffield. In yet another instance of Media Matters making false claims, the left-wing group has issued several denials that it is tied to Hillary and Bill Clinton.

But in true Clintonian fashion, these denials are hardly that at all. Here is the phrase that the group keeps falling back on:

"Media Matters for America is a 'progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.' The Center for American Progress identifies itself on its website as 'a progressive think-tank dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through ideas and action.'"

Of course this means nothing whatsoever as far as Hillary Clinton goes. And yet in typical disreputable MM fashion, the far left group has repeatedly referenced it in subsequent articles as a denial of a Clinton connection.

Apparently Media Matters can't even quote itself in context!

We can't help but wonder how the group tries to spin and distort this flat-out statement of involvement from Clinton.

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