Arianna Huffington Calls President Bush a “Deluded Cockeyed Optimist”

Arianna Huffington went on quite a rant at her blog today over the president’s speech in Philadelphia. In fact, she pulled no punches. Early on, she stated that “the president’s fanaticism is a scary prospect for the country.” But, that was just the beginning:

“The latest issues of both Time and Newsweek paint a portrait of an isolated president detached from the reality of all that is going on around him. Nothing seems to be penetrating -- not the rising death toll, not his depressed poll numbers, not the continuing revelations about the deceptions his administration used to lead us to war. Not even the growing skepticism about the war being expressed within his own party.”

She was just getting warmed up:

“And today’s speech showed that it might be even worse than we think. Bush came across as a true believer who refuses to let little things like facts get in the way -- a zealot who has utterly convinced himself that fighting on (and on and on) in Iraq is the right thing for America and the world.”

In response to the president’s claim that, knowing what we know today, he still would have invaded Iraq, Huffington said:

“So knowing what we know today about WMD, and knowing what we know today about how poorly the occupation has gone, how surprisingly resilient the insurgency has been, how failed our efforts at reconstruction… knowing all that, he’d ‘make the decision again’? Not even his partner in zealotry Paul Wolfowitz is that deluded.

“Just call him a cockeyed optimist. A deluded cockeyed optimist.”

Huffington then offered advice for the Democrats:

“The Democrats need to realize that Bush is so far gone on Iraq, he’s not going to allow himself to be driven by what’s good for the GOP (which also happens to be what’s good for the country). So they’ve got to stop waiting for Bush to do the political math, and start offering their full-throated support to Jack Murtha.”

Then, she offered advice to the other side of the aisle, which, as amazing as it might seem, she used to be a part of: “And Republicans, particularly those concerned about getting their clocks cleaned in ’06, need to take a page from the Watergate years, and send a delegation of party leaders -- pick those not currently under indictment -- up to the White House to tell the president that the jig is up.”

Such statements make one wonder what happened to the woman who used to be on the other side of the bed of Al Franken in the "Politics Make Strange Bedfellows" skits on the original "Politically Incorrect."

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