Christian Group Ramps Up Pressure on Politico to Apologize for Anti-Christian Smear

March 5th, 2024 3:56 PM

On Tuesday, the Family Research Council rolled out a new effort to pressure left-wing Politico into apologizing for the anti-Christian hate their democracy investigator Heidi Przybyla spewed when she smeared all Christians as dangerous “extremist[s]” for believing that our rights come from God. In a letter to supporters, FRC president Tony Perkins slammed Przybyla’s non-apology article and announced a new campaign of mobile billboards to be stationed around Politico offices.

“In response to our letter and public pressure, Pryzbyla released an article defending herself by saying that her statements were taken out of context: ‘Due to some clumsy words, I was interpreted by some people as making arguments that are quite different from what I believe,’” Perkins wrote.  “That's hardly an apology. Christians deserve more from Politico than to be accused of ‘misinterpreting’ what the journalist clearly said.”

Perkins announced the “FRC is taking action. Starting today, FRC is running mobile billboards around Politico's offices in New York and Washington, D.C., demanding Politico stop their attack on religious freedom in America, which allows us to support and vote for candidates based upon our Christian faith.”

Images of the mobile billboards provided to Town Hall’s Spencer Brown showed direct shots at Przybyla’s infamous comments on MSNBC’s All In. “Declaration of Independence for Dummies,” one billboard read, “…they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” “Politico: Demonizing Christian voters. Attacking religious freedom,” said another.



The letter went on to describe Przybyla’s comments as “not a one-off incident” but rather a “long-running pattern of the legacy media” to “target” “Bible-believing Christians.” “They want to silence us and push us out of the public square by making us feel like we are alone in our so-called ‘extreme’ views,” he said.

That echoed an earlier letter FRC issued alongside Catholic Vote president Brian Burch in which they noted that American houses of worship had increasingly become the target of left-wing violence in recent years:

In 2023, American places of worship experienced more than double the amount of violence than the year prior, according to a recent report on hostility against U.S. churches. Last year, a shooter targeted a Christian day school in Nashville, killing three nine-year-old students and three staff. Since May 2020, Catholic churches have endured more than 400 attacks – from having rocks and bricks thrown through their windows to arson, firebombing, and a growing number of incidents involving property defacement and destruction resulting in tens of millions of dollars in damages.

“Make no mistake: It's all connected. The Left's coordinated use of ‘Christian nationalism’ and the rise in hostility against houses of worship. It's an intimidation game designed to silence Christians and suppress our votes,” Perkins added in an accompanying FRC press release about the campaign.