On OANN, Ken Shepherd Highlights Winners of MRC's Worst of the Worst 2015 Awards

December 24th, 2015 11:17 AM

Making his television debut on the December 18 edition of One American News Network’s Tipping Point, NewsBusters managing editor Ken Shepherd promoted the 2015 winners of the Notable Quotable’s Worst of the Worst and the overall winner of MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry scolding guest Alfonso Aguilar on October 25 for using the term “hard worker” because it’s racist.

Host Liz Wheeler played the winning clip of Harris-Perry and addressed her directly before bringing in Shepherd: “Congratulations Melissa. This year’s most notable quotable form the liberal mainstream media. That’s right. You’ve won this year’s worst reporting award because nobody’s a hard worker unless they were a slave — or are we not supposed to use the word slave anymore? Is it housemaster now?”

After Shepherd explained how the NQ categories, nominees, and judges are selected, he commented on Harris-Perry taking the title by describing her as “not really a household name, but I think her comment really deserved winning this year.”

Further excoriating the ultra-liberal’s blowing the proverbial dog whistle, Wheeler panned her as “very outrageous” and “ridiculous.” 

Shepherd agreed, adding that it was Harris-Perry who was voted the worst and not any of the “cult favorites for our fans at NewsBusters or the Media Research Center website like Chris Matthews or others that you would think, you know, you tend to think top runners for those” distinctions.

Moments later, Wheeler asked Shepherd about what came in second place and Shepherd responded that it was an Associated Press photo placing a photo of a hand gun directly in front of Ted Cruz’s head. 

“It’s almost worst than verbal bias because it’s subconscious. I remember that photo. I remember it did stir up some controversy and in the mainstream media when people were talking about that because it was pretty blatant,” exclaimed Wheer.

Turning to the Obamagasm award winner in former CBS News producer Dick Meyer gushing over the presidency of Barack Obama and how not enough Americans appreciate him, Wheeler praised the NQ judges deciding to spotlight examples of liberal bias from less-noteworthy figures (including those behind the scenes):

That’s certainly ironic that he was supposed to be part of an objective news team, but I think it’s good that some of these award winners, if you will, aren’t household names because we need to bring attention to the people from whom the bias stems and sometimes that’s from people behind the scenes.

In the second-to-last category covered, Shepherd and Wheeler slammed ABC News chief anchor, former Clinton administration official, and Clinton Foundation donor George Stephanopoulos for using April 26's This Week to badger Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer about there supposedly being nothing to the claims in his book about the Clintons numerous scandals.

Topping off the segment, the pair briefly noted George Takei taking home another win for his June racist diatribe against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Wheeler concluded that it was certainly “very inappropriate” and “worthy” of this “Worst of the Worst Award.”

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