Video: NB's Bozell Defends FNC's Green, Assails Reza Aslan for Misleading Media On His Credentials

July 31st, 2013 4:40 PM

Author Reza Aslan was disingenuous about his biases in his weekend interview with Fox News Channel's Lauren Green, NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell told FNC's Shannon Bream on the July 31 edition of America Live. Aslan, as a Muslim, denies the divinity of Christ, and should have been straightforward about how his religious beliefs would necessarily color his view of Jesus, which he protests is purely a scholarly inquiry.

Besides proudly insisting he has no biases, Aslan got a number of basic things about Christ wrong, Bozell said, including the absurd claim that Jesus is never quoted in any biblical account as claiming divinity. Additionally, the MRC president noted, Aslan "also said, more than once, that he had a history degree in religion" when "in fact, he doesn't." [to watch the full segment, view the embedded video below the page break]

Bozell also noted that, to his knowledge, Lauren Green was the only network reporter assigned to a religion beat, "so who in the world is [qualified] to criticize" her, adding that she is "a good, good woman" who "doesn't deserve to be attacked [in the liberal media] like this."