MRC's Graham, FBN's Varney Discuss Anti-Ryan Bias, Media Ignoring National Debt As Pressing Issue

While the media "are treating him as a serious and substantive person," they are erroneously tagging Romney running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) "as a budget slasher," which is patently false, NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham told Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney this morning.

"There isn't any slashing [in the Ryan plan]. There's a reduction in [the rate of] growth" of government, the Media Research Center director of media analysis noted. [watch the full segment below]

As to the wider issue of the nation's massive debt, "This is not a concept they're really interested in," Graham argued, noting that the average American is probably not aware of how much the debt has ballooned under Obama because the media simply don't treat it as a pressing issue.


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