MRC-TV: Bozell Discusses Debt Crisis Bias on 'Fox & Friends'

"When, oh, when is a Republican going to stand up" and call the liberal media on their lies about the debt ceiling debate, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell lamented on this morning's "Fox & Friends."

Bozell was reacting to a clip of Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) answering a misleading and biased question by CBS's Bob Schieffer (video follows page break; MP3 audio here):


STEVE DOOCY, "Fox & Friends" anchor: So the narrative over the last couple of weeks has been Barack Obama, the adult in the room, he's a compromiser. On the other side, those rotten Republicans!

BRENT BOZELL, Media Research Center (MRC) founder: You know, Steve, I'm watching that video clip of Sen. Kyl and I'm just wondering, when, oh, when is a Republican going to stand up to a Bob Schieffer and look him right in the face on national television, on live national television, and say, "Bob, you're lying, it isn't true"?  It's not that we have a difference of opinion, it's not that you're playing devil's advocate, it's that you're offering something that is not true: to say that the Republicans are the Party of No. The Republicans are the only people, the only party that's offering solutions whether you like them or not. They're the only ones trying to resolve this!

DOOCY: Absolutely. The Republicans in the House passed Cut, Cap and Balance. It's sitting right there on [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid's desk if he wants to do something, work on that.

BOZELL: But, Steve, what has Harry Reid said? What have the Democrats said. They've said no, and said it's dead-on-arrival.

At that point, Doocy showed viewers a graphic from an MRC study of media coverage from July 1-22 on the debt impasse showing that 56 stories on the major broadcast networks mainly blamed Republicans for the debt ceiling deadlock while only 17 blamed Democrats.

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