Media Mash: 'Eat Dog Food and Die' Edition

On the April 21 edition of FNC's "Hannity," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell tackled how the media lapped up President Obama's talking points about the Paul Ryan budget plan and its effect on senior citizens.

"You know, Sean, this is some of the worst fear-mongering I've ever heard, and I think, personally, I find it despicable that this came from the president of the United States," the Media Research Center founder complained, adding:

The reporter has an obligation to look into these charges. If these charges were true they should be headline news everywhere. There's a problem. They're not true. The Republicans haven't suggested anything of this nature.


Where, oh, where is the press denouncing this man and his demagoguery? We are in full campaign mode. They are 100 percent on his side.


When he does this kind of stuff, Sean, understand, he does it because he knows he can. There's only one network, this network, that is doing anything to blow the whistle on him. The other ones are going to go along with it.

After this, Hannity ran a montage of liberal journalists hammering the message that Republicans are waging war on seniors and the poor:

SEAN HANNITY, host, "Hannity": They want old people to eat dog food and die, and the suck-up-to-Obama media, that's what they say.


BRENT BOZELL: These are all attacks on Paul Ryan and the budget proposal that he put forward. Now let's look at the numbers. You heard what they just said, now let's look at the numbers. In the next ten years, he proposes to raise spending from $3.6 to $4.7 trillion dollars. Over the next ten years, for Medicare, for that very same program, he proposes to increase it from $563 billion to $953 billion.


Sean, that's a 70 percent increase.


Those are the numbers in the budget. What you just heard, what you heard these people say when they're saying that the numbers show who you are, you are hearing three journalists lie on national television.

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