Media Mash: Wis. Protest Edition; Bozell and Hannity Analyze Media's Bias, Double Standards

"It's like they have the same writer!" Fox News' Sean Hannity marveled after watching a montage of liberal journalists comparing the labor union protests in Madison, Wisconsin, with the anti-Mubarak demonstrations weeks ago in Cairo.

"Sean, this is really goofy. These reporters should be embarrassed," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell agreed on last night's "Hannity."

"If you want to find a comparison, I'll give you a comparison. What do Mubarak, Qadhafi, and the Democratic legislators have in common?" the Media Research Center founder asked Hannity, answering with the punchline, "They're all in hiding."

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Bozell and Hannity then took a look at how the media excoriated the Tea Party movement for "rancorous" debate but are silent on the harsh rhetoric from left-wing union backers in Madison, Wisconsin:

SEAN HANNITY, host: What a shock, virtual silence from the media.


BRENT BOZELL: It's not just virtual silence, it is complete silence from the national media.


This is incredible. After a year of lectures about civility and the need to stop being so hate-filled and looking for those pictures of those whack-job Lyndon LaRouche supporters at Tea Party rallies that had those pictures equating Obama to Stalin, Obama to Satan, you have the exact same pictures now with Scott Walker.


Look, when Sarah Palin had pictures on her website with crosshairs on counties, not people, counties, she was accused of being a participant in the murders in Arizona. Yet you've got that going on now [with Madison protesters putting crosshairs over pictures of Gov. Scott Walker (R)].

Bozell and Hannity also discussed the media meme that there's a Republican effort to bust labor unions.

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