Hannity, Bozell Take On MSM Ground Zero Mosque Bias on 'Media Mash'

August 27th, 2010 11:47 AM

"This is one of those ever more obnoxious teaching moments that we're getting from the left-wing press," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell complained on last night's "Hannity" after watching a clip of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell lament that Americans need to be more sensitive to minorities, not for the "burden" to be on Imam Feisal Rauf to assauge concerns about the planned Ground Zero mosque.

Noting that polls show 70 percent of the American people oppose the Park 51 project planned just two blocks from Ground Zero, Bozell argued Mitchell's complaint is just more evidence of the liberal media's "worldview that is completely contrary" and out-of-touch with the American public.

Besides Ground Zero mosque bias, The Media Research Center founder also reacted to NBC's Chuck Todd passing along an unnamed "observer" who told him the 2010 midterms would be the "fear" election in contrast to the 2008 "hope" election:

If you go back to every presidential campaign, it's always fear against hope [in the media's eyes]....And in the off-year election, it's the same thing. Look at '94. It was all about fear. It was all about fear and hatred on the Republican side, and about hope and change on the Democratic side. It's always this [in the media's mind]. So this is the pattern. And then he says sources tell him, look, this is the watercooler talking at MSNBC. 

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