'Bubbles' Brzezinski Picks a Favorite Founding Father: Lincoln

January 14th, 2010 4:56 PM
Via Ed Morrisey at HotAir.com, we find out what you get when you cross a liberal, with a blonde, and a person of Polish heritage: Mika "Bubbles" Brzezinski.

Coming back from commercial this morning at the MSNBC Clown Kingdom, the bump-in video clip was one of Sarah Palin’s interview with Glenn Beck.  Palin stated that it took all of the Founders to come up with the Constitution, but that George Washington (as the leader) would necessarily rise to the top.

Mika Brzezinski took the lead-in rather hard:
BRZEZINSKI: Wow.  I just need to – let me just process.  Okay.  Here now –
The video is necessary to appreciate the full level of her snark.  Now, that would be rather par for Brzezinski’s intellectual course, had she simply stopped there.  But, as we all know by this point, Brzezinski’s intellectual course is never mistaken for a driving range.

The discussion then veers to a humorous discussion of the various pundits’ favorite founding fathers.  Listening closely, however, Mika provides this gem:
BRZEZINSKI: Mine?  Linc – Lincoln.  But okay.
It is uproariously funny, first of all, that Brzezinski picked Abraham Lincoln.  For those of you who might not know the exact dates offhand, the Constitution was adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 17, 1787.  Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809.

That’s almost 22 years late, even as a newborn.  He wasn’t even a lawyer for more than two decades after that.

Second, it is even more funny that the “elegant, articulate conservative” completely missed this while sitting two feet away.  As did Mika’s father, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski; and Pat Buchanan, who appeared busy with Scarborough at the moment; and Politico.com’s Mike Allen.

Third, and most importantly, this happened while the karma-challenged MoJo gang was poking fun at Palin’s (admittedly) somewhat inarticulate answer to the question.  Not that she was actually incorrect in what she said, but that would barely matter to the MSNBC gang.

Wow, Bubbles.  Just let us process...