TV Reporter: Coffee Party 'Is Loosely Based on Smaller Government and Lower Taxes'

March 14th, 2010 2:11 PM
It's incredible what you can learn from television these days.  On Saturday, Brent Frazier of Nashville's CBS affiliate reported on a local Coffee Party.  He made no mention of the attendance, but at about 2:06 of the video says:
The Coffee Party, though very much still in the organizing phase, is loosely based on smaller government and lower taxes.
I have to wonder how the newshound came to that conclusion.  Was it because the group's founder, as noted by NewsBuster Matthew Balan, worked as a volunteer for Barack Obama's presidential campaign?  Or maybe it was the Reuters acknowledgment that "America’s conservative Tea Party movement may be on the boil, but the left is brewing up its own version in The Coffee Party USA."  Or perhaps it was the Coffee Party participant Frazier interviewed who volunteered for Obama but is now disillusioned because "they (Democrats) speak an agenda, but as soon as it's challenged they back down."  Obama's just not pushing left hard enough.

With reporting skills like that, one thing is clear.  Brent has a very bright future in the mainstream media.