WashPost Slams Archbishop, Distorts Catholic Teaching

May 29th, 2007 5:32 PM

It never ceases to amaze me to see how ignorant The Washington Post is about Catholic teaching---the latest example being staff writer Peter Slevin's liberally biased slam against Abp. Raymond Burke on p. A2 of the May 29 edition. The ignorance (or anti-Catholicism?) is clear in the very first sentence, which is false, in the first paragraph. "When it comes to expressing his views of church values, Roman Catholic Archbishop Raymond Burke has a habit of making headlines, not always to the satisfaction of his flock," writes Slevin. These are not, of course, "his views." They are the views and stipulations of the Catholic Catechism, the Code of Canon Law, and numerous papal encyclicals that often teach definitively on certain matters. Slevin apparently never cracked the Catechism, and he apparently never Googled it because it is online, as is the Vatican, with all the relevant documents.

Abp. Burke has spoken out against abortion; against politicians who support abortion; against entertainers who support anti-Catholic teachings but also want to perform at Catholic functions; against using embryonic stem cells for research; and so on. And this is what apparently ticks Slevin and his editors off: A Catholic Bishop who actually tells his flock the Truth about Catholic teaching and how Catholics must strive to seek holiness and save their souls.

Slevin further reveals his ignorance and liberal bias by relying on several liberal and wayward Catholics to comment on Abp. Burke. For instance, Slevin calls on Geri Redden, "a pro-choice former Catholic" to tell Post readers that Burke is "archaic and kind of an embarrassment. He seems to think he is back in the old days when he could really tell people how to live their lives." ... Hmm. It seems that the same could be said of Jesus Christ; he was "archaic ... old days" and He actually did "tell people how to live their lives." Sorry to disappoint Redden and The Post but that is what Christianity is all about: following the teachings of Jesus Christ as given to the world by Him, the apostles, and the Bible.

Slevin also relies on wayward Catholic Rep. David Obey (D-Wisc.), who, in one of his essays, says that Abp. Burke threatened "to use his ecclesiastical authority to punish me if I did not conform my voting record to his view of what Catholic dogma required." Again, "his view"? Apparently, the fine Congressman Obey doesn't know his basic Catechism either.

Slevin and his Post editors could have easily found many solid, faithful, honest and straightforward bishops and priests and laity to comment on Abp. Burke and the Church's moral teaching. But they didn't. They went the liberally biased route and left the false impression that religious figures are somehow not supposed to speak about public policy issues--------a long-held liberal view in direct contradiction to the Founding Fathers and to the precedent set by Christ Himself and the apostles.

Raymond Burke is a bishop, a shepherd. He has to tell his flock the way it is. He has to try to bring the lost sheep home. That is his duty. He cannot remain silent. The Washington Post and the liberal media don't like that, but they shouldn't expect Christians to shut up anytme soon---go ask the martyrs of the Coliseum.

Editor's Note: Photo of Abp. Burke via Wikipedia.