Fusion Writer: Olympian's Fable About Robbery in Rio is 'White Privilege'

August 18th, 2016 3:33 PM

Marisa Kabas, a "Sex + Life" reporter for Univision-owned website Fusion, devoted a series of Twitter posts on Thursday to forwarding the wild theory that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte displayed his "white privilege" in his dubious claim that he was robbed at gunpoint while in Rio. Kabas targeted Jason Howerton of The Blaze, after he mocked her former DailyDot colleague, Gabe Bergado, for his "white privilege" theory about Lochte. Howerton Tweeted, "Seriously, how did you did make Lochte **allegedly** being a jerk about his skin color? It's impressive." Kabas retorted, "your white privilege is what's most impressive."

Howerton responded to the Fusion journalist, who also previously worked for NBC and Buzzfeed: "Though I'd like to know how MY skin color is now somehow connected to this! I have so much to learn." Kabas then accused Howerton of white privilege:

The Blaze writer decided to snark at his sparring partner:

Kabas did, indeed, take Howerton seriously:

The Fusion reporter actually ended up exposing her own racism (and full disclosure, I called her out on it):