CBS Notices Boston Marathon Bombing Conviction; ABC, NBC Out to Lunch

July 22nd, 2014 4:34 PM

Monday's CBS Evening News was the only Big Three morning or evening newscast to cover the conviction of Azamat Tazhayakov, who was found guilty of obstructing the investigation into the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Jurors also convicted Tazhayakov of taking part in a "conspiracy with his off-campus roommate to hide incriminating evidence in the days immediately after the attack," as reported by the Boston Globe on Monday.

Anchor Scott Pelley gave a 19-second news brief to the conviction of the former student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

SCOTT PELLEY: The first person to stand trial in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing was convicted today. Azamat Tazhayakov was a friend of accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He was convicted for his role in the removal of evidence from Tsarnaev's dorm room. He faces up to 20 years.

Instead of covering the guilty verdict, Brian Williams gave a 23-second news brief on Monday's NBC Nightly News on the first birthday of the United Kingdom's Prince George. The same evening, on ABC's World News, Diane Sawyer hyped that it "feels like the summer of the great white" shark, due to a mere seven sightings of the large carnivore off the coast of Cape Cod this summer. The anchor set aside 23 seconds of air time to that piece of news.

It should be pointed out that a week earlier, the July 15, 2014 editions of NBC's Today and ABC's Good Morning America both reported that one of the Boston Marathon bombing survivors now has a newborn daughter. NBC's Natalie Morales read a 27-second news brief to the birth:

NATALIE MORALES: And a reason to celebrate this morning for one of the survivors of the Boston bombing - the marathon bombings – seen here when he was carried off the course. That was a picture. A picture on Jeff Bauman's Facebook page now shows him and his fiancee, Erin Hurley, welcoming their new baby girl. Nora Gail Bauman was born on Sunday. Jeff Bauman, who now has two prosthetic legs, poste a message that said, 'Everyone is happy and healthy.' And we're so happy for them. She's absolutely a beautiful baby.

GMA set aside a one minute, 45-second segment to Bauman's daughter, which included a report from former NFL athlete Michael Strahan:

MICHAEL STRAHAN: Some good news – and, you know, some much-deserved happiness for a hero of the Boston bombing – marathon bombing. Jeff Bauman lost both of his legs in the blast. But more than a year after the attack, he's a daddy, and he's stronger than ever.

STRAHAN (voice-over): It's one of the those iconic images from the Boston Marathon bombing. Then-27-year-old Jeff Bauman, rushed to safety by a stranger in a cowboy hat – the blast at the finish line severing both of his legs. But this morning, a happier image: Bauman, and his fiancee, Erin, announcing the birth of their first child, Nora Gail.

Bauman has been credited with helping police identify one of the accused bombers. He's personified 'Boston Strong' becoming a symbol of strength across the country – throwing out the first pitch at a red sox game; appearing at this year's State of Union wit the special seat just inches from the first lady – even addressing a group of graduates.

JEFF BAUMAN, BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING SURVIVOR: You know, we are all running a marathon in one way or another. Today, you are at the finish line of your race, but you just have to keep running forward, and don't let anything slow you down.

STRAHAN: In his best-selling book, 'Stronger,' now slated to be a major motion picture-

BAUMAN: I just treat every day like it's, kind of, like my last, and I try to do everything I can.

STRAHAN: Inspiring words he'll no doubt need, now that he's at the starting line of fatherhood.