CBS's Rose Boosts Liberal Talking Point About Rich Wanting to be Taxed More

On Wednesday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose promoted a talking point used by liberals, including President Obama, that Warren Buffett and other billionaires want their taxes raised. After playing a clip of Chris Christie ripping Buffett, Rose asked Jack Welch, "Do you agree with the governor of New Jersey, or do you agree with...Buffett, that there ought to be more tax on the super-rich?"

When Welch replied, "I don't feel under-taxed in any way at all," Rose insisted that "most of the people that are in your economic bracket tell me they're prepared to pay more taxes if, in fact, they could be sure where the money was going."

Jack Welch, Former General Electric CEO ; & Charlie Rose, CBS News Anchor | NewsBusters.orgThe morning show anchor devoted much of his interview of the former CEO of General Electric to economic issues. Rose first asked his guest about the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossing the 13,000 mark on Tuesday: "So tell us what it means, that the Dow Jones has had this success that's it had yesterday, and does it mean, in fact, that the economic recovery is under way?"

Welch answered by affirming that "the economy is picking up." The CBS journalist then followed up by asking, "When you look at what the President is proposing, you have been a long-time advocate of lower corporate taxes. Is the President going in the right direction, as far as you're concerned?" The billionaire replied, "Clearly, he is, and...this is the political season, as you know better than anybody else, and we're going to have dueling tax proposals, and as long as they go in this direction, it's all good. But there won't be anything done this year."

Near the end of the segment, Rose rephrased his first question to Welch: "But you believe in economic recovery, reflected by the stock market, may be under way?" In his answer, the former CEO highlighted that "we have printed $7 trillion of money since 2007...In the last six months, there's been 103 easings in financial policy to enhance growth. priming the pump. And so, this economy and the global economy is going to recover."

Earlier, the CBS anchor raised the issue of rising gasoline prices in the context of the upcoming general presidential election: "Could gas prices be a big issue for the President if, in fact, they continue to rise?" Rose also asked, "If Rick Santorum wins in Michigan and becomes the nominee, can you support him?" Welch replied, "I will support any Republican nominee against the current incumbent."

The full transcript of Charlie Rose's interview of Jack Welch, which began 10 minutes into the 7 am Eastern hour of Wednesday's CBS This Morning, is available at

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