BMI's Dan Gainor Talks Tea Parties on FBN's Cavuto

In the wake of the tax day tea parties, the Business & Media Institute's Dan Gainor appeared on Fox Business Channel's "Cavuto" on April 16 to discuss the protests.

Host Neil Cavuto compared the tea parties to the successful 1978 California tax revolt led by Howard Jarvis, noting that the media failed to take notice of the movement in that case as well, until they had to report the surprise passage of Proposition 13.

"Well of course it's relatable," Gainor said of the comparison. "What we're dealing with now are the same problems. Taxes and government growth are out of control and the politicians are out of touch -- and frankly most of the media are out of touch."

What's different now, however, are the tools protestors have available to them. "They're using Twitter and Facebook. They're using these new media tools to reach beyond what traditional media is censoring and keeping from the American public."


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