CNN's Lemon: Bible Once Used to Promote Slavery, Now Used Against Gays

In an interview with a gay Chicago newspaper, CNN's openly-gay African-American anchor Don Lemon warned that the same Bible that was used to "keep us as slaves" is now a weapon against gay people.

"We have, in many ways, been a victim of the Scriptures and theology that have been used to keep us as slaves," Lemon claimed, talking about the African-American culture. "It's been ingrained us (sic), and now we use it against gay people without thinking about things objectively."

That was not the first time Lemon spoke of Scripture in such a fashion. He also asserted back in June that literal interpretation of the Bible is "naive, even dangerous."

In his interview with the Windy City times, an LGBT newspaper, Lemon professed that he is not an activist. "I see myself just a normal person who is an 'accidental role model," the openly-gay CNN anchor maintained.

The same anchor who defended his objectivity even after he came out accepted the "Courage Award" two weeks ago from an LGBT organization, the "Anti-Violence Project." He will also be speaking at the U.S. Conference on Aids in November, which will focus on gay men.

"I hope to change minds," Lemon affirmed to gay newspaper The Washington Blade back in May, when asked of the possibility he could change minds given that he had come out.

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