Morning Joe: Your Home For Never-Ending Trump=Hitler Coverage!

January 8th, 2024 2:05 PM

Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough Charlie Sykes MSNBC Morning Joe 1-8-24 Are you a liberal whose New Year's resolution is to revel in more Trump/Hitler analogies? If so, we've got the show for you: Morning Joe!

Week in and week out, MSNBC's morning show offers a steady diet of just the kind of Trump/Nazi analogies you're yearning for! We crowned him "King of Nazi Analogies" last Halloween. 

Take today's episode. The first half-hour served up no fewer than nine mentions of the H-is-for-Hitler word—with one "fascism" thrown in for good measure.

Joe Scarborough's kvetch o' the day was that anti-anti-Trump conservatives are saying, among other places in Wall Street Journal and New York Times columns, that by exaggerating the threat of Trump, and seeking judicial remedies against him, the left is actually firing up his base, making his election more likely, and risking an outbreak of real violence. As punishment for the columnists' transgressions, Joe Scarborough announced that he would not even mention their names.

It isn't clear which WSJ columnist was the object of Scarborough's ire (the newest one?), but it would appear that the culprit over at the New York Times was Ross Douthat, who has written that his [emphasis added throughout]:

"reading of our times as increasingly and ineradicably populist, permanently Trumpy in some sense, with inescapable conflicts between insider and outsider factions, institutionalists and rebels — conflicts that seemed likely to worsen the more that insider power plays cement the populist belief that the outsiders would never be allowed to truly govern."

Douthat went on to surmise that should, if a Supreme Court ruling throws Trump off the ballot, rather than calming the waters:

"what seems so much more likely [is] that it would eventually produce some further populist escalation, every-deepening division, not peace but the sword."

He suggested removing Trump from primary ballots would be "a judicial fiat that millions of Americans will immediately regard as the most illegitimate governmental action of their lifetimes."

Update: On Saturday, we caught Dem hack and former Obama aide Ian Bassin waxing ecstatic over Biden's supposedly "absolutely outstanding" performance in his Valley Forge campaign speech. Among other things, Bassin hailed how "alive" Biden appeared. Question for Bassin: did you write that before or after video emerged of a manifestly dazed and confused Biden being shepherded off the stage by Dr. Jill?