Politico Reporter: 'Most of Us Are Suffering Collective PTSD from 2016'

November 2nd, 2020 3:42 PM

Tim, Tim: you're not supposed to say this out loud on national TV!

In what could be the most blatant admission of MSM bias witnessed in a while, Tim Alberta, Politico Magazine's chief political correspondent, admitted this morning that "most of us are suffering from this collective PTSD from 2016." 

Alberta made his stunning admission on CNN's New Day, responding to a question from co-host Alisyn Camerota as to how he'd compare the 2016 and 2020 elections. 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Tim, I want to start with you. Because I know that you’ve spent 2020 talking to voters around the country. And so at this — you know, the 11th hour, basically, what are your thoughts on what makes this day different than anything we saw in 2016?

TIM ALBERTA: Boy, how much time do you have? The two elections just actually have very little in common. I know that most of us are suffering from this collective PTSD from 2016. And obviously, there are some similarities. But the fact of the matter is, Donald Trump is now the incumbent president, the unpopular incumbent president, who is responsible in the eyes of a healthy majority of voters for the poor management of a pandemic that’s taken 225,000-plus American lives. 

And four years ago, he was the swashbuckling insurgent challenger in a change election with all of the fundamentals on the ground in his favor. And so, Joe Biden has caught a lot of flack and rightfully so, I believe, for sort of staying out of the public eye in this campaign. And sort of running from bunker in some instances. But that has been in service of an overarching referendum strategy to keep the focus on the president in this election. Make this a pure referendum on his performance. And that has largely been successful. 

Liberals always tend to confuse themselves with all Americans. Only people who hated to see Trump win are suffering PTSD. So, yes, President Trump's 2016 victory no doubt continues to cause nightmares for most in the liberal media. And they have been doing their best ever since that awful 2016 night to ensure that the horror doesn't repeat itself. 

Co-host John Berman raised the prospect of "shy Biden voters," as if CNN wouldn't put Biden voters on TV! "Tim has been talking to people around the country and has also noted that so-called shy Trump voters who may not have existed or mattered in 2016, I know you're seeing just as many people or more that might be shy Biden voters and the types of people who wouldn't necessarily show up on your T.V. screen over the weeks leading up to the election.".

Note: Alberta is also the author of the deeply anti-Trump book, "American Carnage." 

Tim Alberta's admission that "most of us" are suffering PTSD from President Trump's 2016 victory was sponsored in part by Advil, and Chewy.