Scarborough Rants: Bill Buckley's 'Rolling Over In His Grave' at Attacks on the Liberal Press

April 27th, 2020 12:04 PM

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have obviously been stung by criticism of their over-the-top, TDS meltdowns, such as the one we noted last week in which Scarborough's screaming literally overwhelmed the studio's sound system.

And so the pair decided to defend themselves on today's Morning Joe, denouncing their critics as "despicable" and "disgusting." Scarborough twice suggested that conservatives are betraying the legacy of William F. Buckley, Jr., going so far as to claim that WFB is "rolling over in his grave." Combining Buckley and attacks on the press certainly sounds like a thinly veiled attack on Buckley's nephew -- MRC founder Brent Bozell -- and his team of cable news-busters. 



JOE SCARBOROUGH: And of course [laughs], I just can't even believe that people who used to be respectable, that are now Trumpists, trying to defend the president. 

. . . 

So Mika, the thing, though, he still has defenders. People who, actually once, and I find this to be kind of funny, actually. That people who once called themselves conservatives, who once claimed to be conservatives, who once claimed to follow the teachings of people like William F. Buckley, or follow the leadership style of Ronald Reagan. These people are now defending Donald Trump at every turn. 

And what they do is, when he humiliates himself, they just turn and attack the press. And of course, they've done: oh! Why are you all even listening?! Why? Because people could die because of his bad information.     

And what did, some people in the press: oh! Let's look at the media! Let's see how they respond to this! Looking at the media, when the President of the United States was talking like Mussolini, claiming he had total authority, total control. And they decided that was the time to see what people on cable news were saying, or to see what people on talk radio were saying, or seeing what people online were saying. 

It is such a dereliction of duty from people who, again, once claimed to be conservative. William F. Buckley is rolling over in his grave. It's despicable, it's disgusting. These people who were once, quote, movement conservatives, so many of them now have just morphed into being nothing more than a Trump cult.  


It's amazing how these two keep conducting this Buckley seance, as if they are the ones who are the most qualified to decide who the True Conservatives are.  

Mika Brzezinzki was shameless enough to denounce "the president's pawns," always forgetting her 2015 hot takes, like "Mika Blasts HuffPost for Putting Trump in Entertainment Section." 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: You know, a lot of the president's pawns, whether they're in the media or whatever, will say: oh! Joe and Mika are so upset. You know what? I want to point out something you said this weekend on your Instagram live. You would lov-v-v-e to see the president be competent in this crisis. Unfortunately --

SCARBOROUGH: I want him to succeed!

MIKA: -- that's not what we're getting. And people are dying. So if you see a lot of emotion coming from this show, it's because we are frightened for the American people at this point, given the fact that the White House has shown zero competence in this crisis.