Joe Scarborough's Bowing, Scraping Question to Biden: Can You Talk About People's Pain?

April 16th, 2020 10:15 AM

When do the liberal media's unctuous interviews of Democrats stop being journalism and start constituting campaign contributions-in-kind? The question arises again today in the context of Morning Joe's interview of Joe Biden. Here's how Mika Brzezinski teased the upcoming "Special Report":

We’ll be focusing on two key themes. The nation’s leading health experts answer your questions about the pandemic. And we’re drilling down on how the decisions our leaders make today will affect the country long into the future. Our special guests will include Joe and Jill Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and retired General Stanley McChrystal. And, Lady Gaga talking about mental health.

"Drill down"? As in hitting ol' Joe with some challenging question? Of course not! Check out the downy-soft way that Joe Scarborough teed Biden up with his opening "question."



SCARBOROUGH: I want to ask you, Mr. Vice President, to talk to the people who are hurting and suffering right now. Willie and Mika and I were talking earlier about what a shame it is that right now in the middle of a pandemic where over 30,000 people have died, hundreds of thousands have been impacted and are suffering right now, either by this disease or being out of work. They don't have a national leader that can express sympathy. Could you talk to them as a man who's endured loss and tell them what's on your mind right now, and how you understand what they're going through? 

This cued up Biden to talk uninterrupted for three and a half minutes, feeling people's pain like Bill Clinton, about health care workers who can't see their kids, and so on. Biden's wife Jill was also there to uncork gush like "Joe's not going to only be the Commander-in-Chief, he's going to be really the Healer-in-Chief." Their campaign should have paid for this air time.

Biden's suggestions to address the pandemic were a predictable pablum of appointing a "commander" for this, and a "board" for that. 

Speaking of a failure to "drill down," note that in a 25-minute fawn-a-thon, Morning Joe kept intact the liberal media's perfect record of failing to ask Biden a single question about his former staffer Tara Reade's allegation against him of sexual assault.