Scarborough: 'Not to Disturb Anybody,' but 'Very Real Possibility' 'Health Care System Collapses'

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There's a difference between warning the public to take a threat seriously, and throwing in the cards and saying doom is near. 

On today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough claimed that he "certainly" wasn't intending "to disturb anybody." But Scarborough then went on to predict the "very real possibility" that our "overtaxed health care system collapses."



JOE SCARBOROUGH: We're just in act one of this. Act two is when the hospitals start to get jammed, Mika.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: We see the lack of supplies.

SCARBOROUGH: When our health care professionals don’t have the supplies they need to keep them safe. Then they go down. And the possibility, the very real possibility, I'm certainly not saying this to disturb anybody, but this is the reality we seem to be facing. When health care professionals don't have the safety supplies they need, then our health care professionals go down, and then suddenly, an overtaxed emergency room, and an overtaxed hospital, an overtaxed health care system collapses. 

Not trying to disturb anybody? "Certainly," Joe. Because why would anyone be disturbed by the "very real possibility" of a collapsed health care system?

Have we heard a health care official make this kind of absolutely apocalyptic prediction? For a political talk show host, with zero medical credentials, to promulgate such an extremely dire forecast, is irresponsible. If anybody still takes Morning Joe seriously, it is likely to promote panic among some.  And maybe that's exactly Scarborough's point.

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