Scarborough Seethes: MSM Too Supportive of Trump on Strong Economy!

February 5th, 2020 10:41 AM

LOL: yeah, Joe, that's the problem—the liberal media is too pro-Trump!

Poor Joe Scarborough. Over the course of a few days, he's had to witness the disintegration of the Democrats' impeachment effort. Then came the debacle of the Democrat Iowa caucuses. Finally, last night, Scarborough was forced to suffer through the SOTU, in which President Trump reviewed the economy's stunning successes. 

It was all too much for Joe. And so on today's Morning Joe, thrashing around, looking for someone to blame for his distress, Scarborough alighted on a most unlikely target—the liberal media!



Scarborough found unbearable President Trump's recital of the undeniable statistics on the strong economy, including record-low unemployment rates for black and Hispanic Americans. And so Joe lashed out at the media for reporting what he bizarrely and repeatedly deemed to be "lies" about the economy. Scarborough: 

"The lies were preposterous, and for some reason the press keeps feeding into this hype that somehow, his economy is so much better than former economies. It's a lie."

Who you gonna believe, America? Joe Scarborough, or your lying eyes, which see the way America is booming under President Trump?

And see the screencap for Morning Joe's petty shot at President Trump, with its chyron: "Impeached President Delivers State of the Union." Whatever gets you through the night, Joe.


Bonus Coverage: Defending Nancy the Ripper, CNN's Berman Floats Absurd Anti-GOP Scenario

It's not easy to defend Nancy Pelosi's decision at the end of the SOTU to theatrically tear up the transcript of President Trump's remarks. Remember how outraged Pelosi was when GOP back-bencher Joe Wilson called out "you lie!" during Obama's 2009 SOTU? Pelosi arranged for a resolution to be introduced condemning Wilson. But Wilson's outburst pales in comparison to Pelosi's stunt, which [along with her flouting of the tradition of a respectful introduction of the President] has to go down as the most uncivil tantrum in the history of the State of the Union. 

So rather than attempting to defend the indefensible, on CNN's New Day this morning, co-host John Berman floated a bit of alternate reality to flog the Republicans. He actually suggested that under similar circumstances, a Republican Speaker might not have invited a Democrat President to deliver the SOTU at all. Berman's evidence-free accusation was comically absurd. 




"The Nancy Pelosi thing. It is interesting. You [Michael Smerconish] say it is a Rorschach test. And I guess it really is, because you heard Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham outraged--oh my gosh, I can't believe!--Nancy Pelosi did that. But then there are Democrats who will look at it and say: you know, Democrats always play by the rules, and Republicans play to win, right? You can imagine a scenario if this were reversed where a Republican Speaker wouldn't even have invited the President of the United States to deliver a State of the Union address in the chamber. I mean, the Republican party is the party that didn't have a hearing on Merrick Garland. Didn't have witnesses in an impeachment trial. But Nancy Pelosi ripped up the speech."