Vis à Vis Vindman, Morning Joe Gets Sudden Case of Hero Worship

November 20th, 2019 8:39 PM

The liberal media is not known for its deep and abiding respect for the US military. Yet in the opening segment alone of today's Morning Joe, there were no fewer than nine instances of members of the panel referring to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman as a "hero" or Purple Heart recipient. For good measure, Mike Barnicle melodramatically described him as "wearing the cloth of our country."

What accounts for such a sudden onset of hero worship? The answer's obvious: the Democrats and MSM see Vindman as a key impeachment witness against President Trump. It suits their political purposes to celebrate Vindman's status, lending credence to his testimony and helping immunize him against criticism. 



Watch in particular, 20 seconds into the clip, as hyper-lib John Heilemann, an MSNBC analyst,  pauses and smirks as he was about to pronounce the words "American hero." Obviously not a phrase that comes naturally or often to his lips.

After all, this is the same network where we discovered Chris Hayes choking on the word "hero" on Memorial Day!

Oh, and let's not forget about generals with a chest full of medals that are still evil. Joe Scarborough thought it was fair for a judge to suggest Mike Flynn committed treason. So never mind these awards: 

Defense Distinguished Service Medal

Defense Superior Service Medal (4)

Legion of Merit (2)

Bronze Star Medal (4)

Meritorious Service Medal (6)

Joint Service Commendation Medal

Army Commendation Medal (5)

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:13 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So, John, how remarkable that an American hero mocked by Republicans . . . trashing an American hero . . . Every time that any of these people show disrespect to an American hero, an Iraqi war hero, a man who was awarded the Purple Heart.

. . . 

JOHN HEILEMANN: So the President now is attacking this [pauses], this American hero, a winner of the Purple Heart.  

. . . 

MIKE BARNICLE: He was wearing the cloth of our country yesterday.

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH: This Iraqi war hero. 

. . . 

WILLIE GEIST: The recipient of a Purple Heart. 


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