Joe Scarborough's Sick New Shtick: Tie Trump to Jeffrey Epstein

March 28th, 2019 7:40 AM

With the Mueller report collapsing around his ears, Joe Scarborough is in desperate need of a new Trump-bashing shtick. Over the last two days, it looks like Joe is test-marketing a new line of attack: attempting to tie President Trump to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Of all the millions of people who have benefited from the Trump tax cuts, on yesterday's Morning Joe and again today, Scarborough singled out Epstein, throwing in Bob Kraft as another beneficiary.



Scarborough pushed his narrative a tad too far yesterday, fantasizing about the possibility that Epstein was at the table at Mar-a-Lago when Trump reportedly mentioned to wealthy friends that he had made them money with his tax cuts.

Just one problem with Joe's fantasy: as Scarborough presumably knows, Epstein couldn't have been there. As reported in the Washington Post, according to court documents Trump has barred Epstein from Mar-a-Lago for assaulting an underage girl. 

Scarborough also snidely went out of his way this morning to depict Trump as a "millionaire" rather than a billionaire. Scarborough suggested that Trump was worth only $30-40 million, and perhaps as little as $10 million. 

We are witnessing the spectacle of a once-proud member of Newt's 1994 conservative revolution reduced to peddling pathetic anti-Trump ramblings. 

Note: If there is one President who deserves to be tied to Epstein, it is, of course, Bill Clinton. He reportedly flew 26 times on Epstein's private Boeing 727, AKA the "Lolita Express," ditching his Secret Service protection on several occasions. 

Here's the transcript. Click "expand" to read more. 

Morning Joe

6:24 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH [3/27/29]: You look at the $845 billion that he’s cut from Medicare in his proposed budget, you look at the hundreds of billions of dollars he wants to cut from Medicaid and totally eliminate block grants back to the state, it matches up pretty nicely with the tax cuts for all of his billionaire buddies down at Mar-a-Lago. And, you know, Jeffrey Epstein is going to be very happy about the huge tax cuts that Donald Trump’s given him, Bob Kraft going to be very excited, and in fact, it was Trump who said to all those guys, I don’t know if Epstein was there that night, but said to the guys around the table at Mar-a-Lago, I just made you guys a lot of money with my tax cuts. 

. . . 

Morning Joe

6:34 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH [3/28/19]: Jeffrey Epstein, how much money did Jeffrey Epstein make on Donald Trump's tax cuts? Robert Kraft? All the billionaires. All the billionaires that go to Mar-a-Lago. All the multi-millionaires that hang around Donald Trump. I mean, how much did millionaire Donald Trump make off of the tax cuts? I mean that guy is worth at least $30, $40 million.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And his kids?

SCARBOROUGHP: His kids worth at least more than $30-40 million. I mean,  Jared's worth a lot more money than Donald. So I know Jared got a lot more of the tax cut than Donald. But even if -- I don't that Donald's in debt right now, but we don't know because we still haven't seen the tax cuts , but even if he's worth, let's say he's only worth $10 million after you sort through everything. He's still making a lot of money on those tax cuts.