Preacher Joe at Morning Joe Pulpit: 'What Would Jesus Do' About Immigration?

The Left has long wrung its hands at the prospect of politics being influenced by religion.  But when it suits their purpose, liberals will bend religion to their cause. Take today's Morning Joe, where Joe Scarborough actually asked, in a canned statement at the top of the show, "what would Jesus do" regarding immigration policies? And fire-and-brimstone Scarborough scalded President Trump's government for "allowing little children to die while they're being incarcerated."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: As we approach 2019, those of us who remain eternally optimistic about this great Republic of ours have reason to be concerned. Little children continue to die in the custody of the U.S. government. And remember, friends, that's our government. That's your government and my government that's allowing little children to die while they're being incarcerated because of a policy that's supposed to discourage people from coming. And thousands of children still remain incarcerated, and still this holiday season, this Christmas season, they're still separated from their parents. 

What would Jesus do? Well, that's where Jesus would be, that would be the issue. If you read the New Testament, if you read the Gospels, that's exactly what Jesus would be concerned about and what evangelicals who support this President and who claim to have influence over this President should be focused on, in moving his policy. "Let the little children come?" Not even close.

Note that Scarborough cut his quote of Jesus short, leaving out the end of the sentence: let the little children "come to me." Not "come across the border illegally." But hey, liberals are happy to distort Gospel to suit their political purposes.

Just like saying Trump alone shut down the government, not that Democrats refused to budge an inch on funding a wall at the border. Trump shut it down, said Joe, because "a few talk radio chatterers told him to prove he was tough." 

Are Joe and his fellow lefties sure they want to go down the path of establishing policy based on what Jesus would do?

Note: Scarborough's invocation of Gospel notwithstanding, the traditional liberal aversion to the mingling of religion and politics persists. Take, for example, the recent grilling of a judicial nominee by two liberal senators, including prez wannabe Kamala Harris, over his membership in the Catholic charitable group, the Knights of Columbus.    


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