NYT's Mara Gay: Trump's Mocking of Warren 'About Anxieties About Who's White'

Curious as to how clueless is The New York Times? Mara Gay — a member of the Gray Lady's editorial board— claimed on Ari Melber's MSNBC show Monday night that President Trump's mocking of Elizabeth Warren's phony claim to be a Native American "was actually about white anxieties among Donald Trump's base about who's white in America."

Anxieties about who is white in America? What meaningless identity-politics gobbledygook! No, Ms. Gay. Trump's point is simply that Warren cheated.



Elizabeth Warren made her bogus claim of Native American-hood in order to get ahead in academia. The facts are that Warren "listed herself as Native-American on a key legal directory reviewed by deans and hiring committees. Former employers — such as the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School — listed Warren as a minority faculty member. Harvard Law School even trumpeted her as the school’s first tenured 'woman of color.'"

And as our friends at the Washington Examiner have reported"Warren graduated from the lowest ranked law school [Rutgers] of all Harvard Law School professors--and nearly all Ivy League law professors."

Does anyone believe for a second that Harvard would have hired Warren if she had been an alum of an average white band?

But for The Times, and Mara Gay, everything must be about race.

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