Chris Hayes: Trump Is a 'Hot Wet Rag Applied To Infected Wound'

By the end of this campaign, someone might come up with a more disgusting metaphor for Donald Trump, but for now Chris Hayes has the early clubbhouse lead.

On his MSNBC show this evening, Hayes called Trump "a hot wet rag applied to an infected wound." Imagine the outrage if a conservative described Hillary Clinton with a similar simile. Hayes was interviewing the MSM's favorite kind of Republican: Bob Inglis of South Carolina, a former congressman who's terribly worried about global warming and called those of us not so concerned "hoaxsters." Inglis said he'd never vote for Trump: surprise!

Note: Inglis was also the guy who, among other things, opposed the Iraq surge and in 2010 was defeated in a primary run-off by Trey Gowdy by 71-29%. Adios, Roberto!

BOB INGLIS: When you've got a guy that cites the National Enquirer as his source, then perhaps this isn't a guy you want to listen to. So if he keeps on saying things like that China invented this, it would be actually helpful for our [global warming] cause. Because the more he makes it the hoaxsters look absolutely unhinged, to quote Jeb Bush, it really helps us. Because it causes people that want a free enterprise solution to a huge challenge to come forward and say, you know what? We're for these reasonable people and we don't want to be painted with this terrible brush of reading the National Enquirer and deciding that's a good source. 

CHRIS HAYES: The metaphor here is that Donald Trump is like a hot wet rag applied to an infected wound that is drawing up, right?, all the stuff that you want to, that you want to concentrate, that's the hope. 

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