Scarborough Mocks MSNBC, Olbermann for 'Bowing and Scraping' to Obama in '08

On today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough ridiculed his employer, MSNBC, for "bowing and scraping" to then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008. Along the way, he did an hilarious impression of Keith Olbermann's faux-Churchillian tones, seeing racism on the rise whenever Hillary won a primary, and "calling George W. Bush a Nazi every day."

Scarborough's comments came in the course of discussing the way that, according to Joe, Fox News has shifted its favor from Marco Rubio to Donald Trump. Scarborough found that shocking, "because, my God, I've never seen a candidate treated better by any network, well, other than MSNBC bowing and scraping to Barack Obama in 2008."

Joe had his wars over MSNBC bias back during the '08 campaign. But might he feel particularly emboldened to criticize MSNBC's bias now that the network, at least during the day, is seeking to shift to less partisan coverage? Olbermann is gone, along with other hard-left hosts like Martin Bashir, Ed Schultz and, just recently in a fiery ball, Melissa Harris-Perry. Speaking of MH-P, a shame she's not around at MSNBC today. Surely she could have found some nefarious slavery dog whistle in Joe's citing of "bowing and scraping."

Note: there was some amusing back-and-forth between Joe and Willie Geist, as Willie facetiously asked Joe whom he was impersonating, when it was obvious to all that Scarborough was doing some Olbermann shtick.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You're seeing also New York magazine writing stories about how Fox News has abandoned Marco Rubio, which is shocking because, my God, I've never seen a candidate treated better by any network, well, other than MSNBC bowing and scraping to Barack Obama in 2008. But other than that -- remember that? Every night, like Hillary Clinton would win Kentucky and it would be like "tonight, racism rises over Lexington." I mean, every time Hillary won every time Hillary won, it was like "the ghost of Jefferson Davis rises somewhere over a Confederate cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, where Barack Obama was beaten." I mean, that was pretty bad, wasn't it? 

WILLIE GEIST: Who are you impersonating? No, I won't ask.

KATTY KAY: Was that Churchill or what? There was a slight Churchillian -- 

JOE: Sir, I'm not telling you who that was, but, he called George W. Bush a Nazi every day.

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