Mark Halperin: Press 'Biased Against' Hillary

February 11th, 2016 5:54 PM

Any would-be Republican presidential candidate who had--hanging around his neck--all the scandals and investigations that surround Hillary Clinton, would likely not have the chutzpah to throw his hat into the ring. He'd know that the MSM would create such a toxic environment that his candidacy would never have a chance of getting off the ground. 

And so it is somewhere between amusing and outrageous to hear Mark Halperin claim, as he did on today's With All Due Respect, that the press is "biased against" Hillary Clinton. Granted, Halperin did so in the context of discussing this evening's Dem debate between Hillary and Bernie Sanders. As between those two, might the MSM lean towards Sanders, as the further-left candidate? Could be. But if Hillary wins the nomination, does Halperin doubt that the press will be pulling for Clinton against the Republican? Some bias!

MARK HALPERIN: Tonight's questioners are friends of ours: Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill. I think they will ask some new topics. Just knowing them--I haven't discussed with them. But knowing them, I think they will bring up some stuff that hasn't come up. Hillary Clinton is, her experience I think when it gets beyond the expected topics is going to help her. It will be interesting to see if I'm right, that tonight he gets some questions he may not have practiced for. He is still subject now. The pendulum has moved a little bit. My fingertip sense is that now, if he makes a gaffe, he actually will be held accountable. The Clinton people will jump on it. 


HALPERIN: But the press I think is poised now to say, hey, this is a real race. We have to treat them more equally--although they'll still be biased against her.