GMA Hosts Argue Over Calling Caught-on-Camera Robber 'Alleged'

January 16th, 2016 8:17 AM

Do your Allen Iverson imitation, but instead of "practice," try saying "alleged" in your most disbelieving voice. . .  On today's Good Morning America, co-host Dan Harris struck a blow against political correctness, taking issue with Ron Claiborne's insistence on calling a caught-on-tape convenience store shooter an "alleged" robber. The show rolled the security video several times, showing the "alleged" robber repeatedly shooting right at the woman at the register. 

Said an incredulous Harris "I like how you call him an 'alleged' robber. I think we can say, given the video, he did it." Responded Claiborne: "I'm not going there, Dan. Innocent till proven guilty." Shot back Harris sarcastically "it was Photoshopped, ladies and gentlemen."

Kudos to Harris for rejecting political correctness and saying what was obvious for all the world to see.

Note: I just noticed that the chyron reads that a store clerk fires gun at "suspected robber." Suspected. Right. Who's to say it wasn't some elaborate early April Fools Day prank?

RON CLAIBORNE: Finally, an alleged store robber who picked the wrong person to pick on. Now check this out. The suspect stormed a convenience store in St. Louis shooting right at the woman in the counter behind the counter. The 63-year-old store owner went on the attack after the suspect had attacked her husband. 

STORE OWNER: Then he pulled my husband down. I shoot him right away. I swear to God I don't want to kill people. I'm old enough. But I had to to protect myself and protect my husband. 

CLAIBORNE: And she did. She -- the suspect ended up being chased off. Nobody was injured. A happy ending. Except unless you're a criminal, I suppose. 

DAN HARRIS: I like how you call him an alleged robber. I think we can say given the video that he did it. 

CLAIBORNE: I'm not going there, Dan. Innocent till proven guilty. And caught first. 

HARRIS: Okay, all right. Right. It was photoshopped, ladies and gentlemen.