Scarborough Calls Harwood 'Embarrassing,' Predicts 'I'll Get in Trouble' for Criticism

October 29th, 2015 8:29 AM

Tuning into Morning Joe today, the question on this NewsBusters' mind was whether—given that MNSBC and CNBC are corporate cousins—Joe Scarborough would have the guts to go after John Harwood. He did. 

In at least three segments this morning, Scarborough criticized Harwood for what he called his "embarrassing" performance as moderator of the GOP debate last night. Scarborough's repeated criticism on Harwood's blatant anti-GOP bias led Joe at one point to ruefully observe "I'm sure I'll get in trouble for saying this."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: After that first question, I'm sorry, we told the truth about Fox, who I love so many people over there, I got to tell the truth about John Harwood. The first question was just absolutely embarrassing. It was a Megyn Kelly style question. Oh, your, your thing's so bad, that you have no more chance of flapping your wings and flying out of here. And what was the -- called him a comic book character? The first, right out of the debate again. I said, here we go again.  

. . . 

JOE: Lindsey [Graham], it seems like it's always gotcha questions, and you're right about the fantasy football. The debate started with [pauses as if he's reluctant to go there], you know John Harwood. A guy that I like; a guy that's in our family. But my God, it was like he wrote up this question as a gotcha question to make it about him. That's one thing we said about Anderson Cooper. He didn't make it about himself. He asked questions. It seems like every other debate everybody's making it about the moderators.

. . . 

JOE: On the Republican side they [the debates] are all train wrecks and they all are gotcha questions. And I will just again, call it out again, and I'm sure I'll get in trouble for saying this, but John Harwood, opening up by making a clown reference to Donald Trump and then saying you have as much chance of flapping your wings and flying away, as the opening question in the debate? It's just: listen! How much longer are we Republicans going to have to listen to the debate moderators whether they're on Fox or CNBC, which are supposed to be two conservative outlets?