Steve Rattner's Interesting Advice to Hillary: 'Open the Kimono'

September 16th, 2015 6:54 AM

We've got more than a year to go before the election. Even so, Steve Rattner has made a strong bid for most unusual metaphor of the political season.

On today's Morning Joe, Rattner said that when it comes to the email matter, Hillary needs to "open the kimono." Rattner, a Hillary supporter, went on to suggest that she turn over the server and take questions at length from reporters, as Chris Christie did regarding Bridgegate.

The Urban Dictionary explains Rattner's statement using an old cliche: "A 1990's phrase that means that everyone should share data. There should be no secrets between those in the meeting. As in a Japanese wife showing her husband her naked body by opening her silk robe or kimono."

STEVE RATTNER: She needs to stop the bleeding from this email situation.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: How does she do it?  

RATTNER: Excuse me?

JOE: I know you're a supporter of Hillary. We've talked about it before. How does she do it?

RATTNER: What I've said consistently for the last six months, I think the campaign is now essentially doing it, is she just needs to open the kimono: turn over the server, answer all the questions. Let the, as Chris Christie said on Sunday on one of the shows, after his Bridgegate thing he spent an hour and 50 minutes or something like that taking questions from reporters. I think you have to be willing to do that.