Morning Joe Consensus: Hillary's Canned Quality Makes You Cringe

Inevitability, my eye.  If Republicans can't defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 [assuming she gets there], they should be brought up on charges of political malfeasance.

So lacking is Hillary in the most basic of personal political prerequisites that even Morning Joe called her "canned" and cringeworthy.  The panel was commenting on an excruciating clip of Clinton prior to her hug-it-out dinner with President Obama last night.  Watch it if you dare, but the panel's point was a larger one--that there is something about Clinton's public persona as to be seriously off-putting.  View the video after the jump.

Can someone out there please explain Hillary's appeal?  Democrats, time to rally around someone just oozing with charisma--run, Elizabeth Warren, run!


WILLIE GEIST: So President Obama and Hillary Clinton came face-to-face last night for the first time since a public flap over foreign policy messaging and the debate over whether to arm Syrian rebels. Officials say the Obamas and Clinton sat at the same table last night at a private birthday party for Vernon Jordan's wife on Martha's Vineyard. Earlier in the day former Secretary Clinton said she was looking forward to making amends.

REPORTER: Hug it out with the president?

HILLARY CLINTON: Absolutely! Yeah! We are looking forward to it. Going to be there tonight.

REPORTER: Is it a hard choice?

CLINTON: No. Read in the book: we agreed, we are committed to the values and the interests and security of our country together. We have disagreements as any partners and friends, as we are, might very well have. But I'm proud that I served with him and for him and I'm looking forward to seeing him tonight.

GEIST: There you go. Just two pals getting together.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: We were both very awkward listening to her. Why is it that whenever we see Bill Clinton come on, we do and you can't see it, we need to wear a camera so you can see what happens. Every time we see Bill Clinton, we just start laughing because he is just a natural. I love Kentucky, you know? And everybody loves him. We were like cringing for her.


SCARBOROUGH: After all these years, maybe she has Bob Dole-itis? Maybe she's great in person but she's just --

KAY: It's the canned quality.

SCARBOROUGH: It's so canned. It's so calculated.

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