Scarborough, Who Branded Zimmerman A 'Murderer,' Condemns Conservatives Who 'Raced Blindly' To Support Him

April 24th, 2014 8:11 AM

If there was anyone in America who recklessly rushed to prematurely proclaim a position on George Zimmerman, it was Joe Scarborough.  Before Zimmerman had even been arrested, at a time when even Al Sharpton was being relatively cautious with his language, Scarborough used his Morning Joe platform to brand Zimmerman a "murderer."

But there was Scarborough on today's show with the gall to condemn conservatives who "raced blindly" to embrace Zimmerman. View the video after the jump.

Scarborough made his hypocritical claim in the context of the Cliven Bundy case, in which some conservatives who have expressed support for the rancher are having buyer's remorse in light of the revelation of his racist, unhinged statements.  

According to Scarborough, conservatives were lulled into supporting Zimmerman because "they pick their friends based on who their friends' enemies are."  By that standard, Scarborough picked his enemy in Zimmerman based on who his friends' enemies were.  Ever seeking to curry favor with the liberal crowd in which he runs, self-proclaimed conservative Scarborough was oh-so-quick to condemn as a "murderer" someone who was ultimately acquitted. Why? What could have been more fashionable among Scarborough's friends than to do so?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: But there are defenders of this person.

HOWARD DEAN: This guy's more like a Branch Davidian than he is -- he's like a whack job.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: But Michael Crowley, the bigger problem is here -- I understand I risk actually despite the blatant racism here being hammered for being the only conservative, self-described conservative, on set, talking about this, but I'm going to talk about it. This has happened before. It happened when conservatives raced blindly to put their arms around George Zimmerman, a man who they didn't realize who gets in all these troubles. Because they basically pick their friends based on who their, quote, friends' enemies are.