Given Ukraine, Mika Blasts People Making Money at Olympics—But Omits NBC

What's missing from this list of people Mika Brzezinski blasted on today's Morning Joe for "making a lot of money at the Olympics" while Vladimir Putin's suppression of democracy in the Ukraine unfolds: "the people performing there, the people competing there, the people sponsoring there"?

Did somebody say NBC, Mika's own parent network? Give that guy a gold medal!  To whom does Mika think "the people sponsoring there" are paying their millions to promote their products?  Has Mika not noticed that regular programming on MSNBC itself has been pre-empted by the Putin Olympics? View the video after the jump.

While Mika failed to directly confront the people who write her paychecks, perhaps she's due some credit.  If only tangentially, she was the only person on the panel to raise the issue,   Mike Barnicle, who spoke next, couldn't wait to get away from her question and move on to something else, and no one else responded to her suggestion.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: We have three flash points across the globe right now, Ukraine in very vivid terms, Syria, where the bloodshed goes on just at horrific levels. Crimes against humanity being committed and then, of course, Iran who looks like they're going to walk away from the table and move towards nuclear weapons. What's the common denominator in all three of those world crises? Vladimir Putin. What is the United States response? What's the president going to say? What's the Secretary of State going to say? What's the United States government going to say? What are we going to do? How aggressively are we going to work against Vladimir Putin? That's the question.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well, I think you add to that question what about all the people making a lot of money at the Olympics? The people performing there, the people competing there, the people sponsoring there. What are they going to do? Why are they there? Is this OK?  I'm just curious.  It's kind of strange, isn't it?


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