Harris-Perry: Boehner 'Super-Villain', Pelosi 'One Of History's Most Effective'

On her MSNBC show this morning, Melissa Harris-Perry vilified John Boehner as a "super-villain," a "bad guy" and "pitiful."  His sin?  Failing to pass the farm bill.

So who is MH-P's idea of a good Speaker?  Why, Nancy Pelosi, of course.   Harris-Perry praised Pelosi as "one of the most effective leaders in the House's history."  So effective that, as a result of her disastrous leadership, Pelosi's Dem House caucus went down to crushing electoral defeat in 2010.  View the video after the jump.


MH-P began her show-opening riff by observing that today's superheroes are more nuanced than those of yore. Even so, she assured us, there were still truly bad guys and villians around: Republicans like Boehner.

Watch MH-P's literally cartoonish take on Boehner and Pelosi.


MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY:  A lot of our movie heroes have become more tortured, more complex in recent years. Batman, Ironman, Superman. And that reflects our world. We know so much more about our leaders, so much more quickly than we used to. We even know that the best are not blameless. They're not pure good. The action of real life may be harder as a plot to follow. But we can still do it. We can untangle the plot lines and tell you who the villains are . . . And rest assured, there are still bad guys in politics. Many of them are in the House of Representatives . . . And who is their leader, the super-villain? John Boehner, the Speaker of the House! . . . If you're going to follow Nancy Pelosi, one of the most effective leaders in the House's history, by doing this? Come on, Boehner, pull it together. As a villain, we can't even fear you!

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