Matthews: IRS Scandal Worth 5-10 Points To Republican Candidates

What will be the political fallout of the various scandals in which President Obama is ensnared?  Chris Matthews thinks it will be huge.

Appearing on today's Morning Joe, Matthews mused that the IRS scandal alone would be worth 5-10 points to Republican candidates. He specifically mentioned Mitch McConnell, Tom Corbett and Ken Cuccinelli as Republicans whom the scandal would aid in their 2014 races. View the video after the jump.

What do you make of Matthews' prognostication?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: This is the worst thing you can do about government, is undermine the basic trust. That although it could be tough and tax rates could be tough on you they roughly fair; that they're not out to screw some group. Now anybody out there in the country can say, hey, I don't trust these guys. They were targeting us. The gun people can say it, everybody on the right can say it. The Republican party, I'm telling you, this is worth five or ten points to everybody out there who was ready to lose an election next year. And I'll tell you, this is Mitch McConnell's ticket to ride. He will not have a serious opponent, And you got to see Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania have a real chance to get re-elected.  Cuccinelli is loaded for bear down with this, baby, down in southern Virginia. This is his ticket right now.

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