Boorish Bashir Strikes Again: Americans Prefer 'Gonorrhea' To Congress

April 26th, 2013 9:23 PM

What is it with Martin Bashir and his tendency to talk dirty to women guests?

A couple of months ago, we noted the MSNBC host claiming to guest Karen Finney that Senator Marco Rubio, in his questioning of a hearing witness, was seeking to show that he had "very strong testicles."  This evening, taking things a vulgar step further, Bashir told another Dem woman that Americans so detest Congress that they "would rather contract gonorrhea" than show respect for that institution.  View the video after the jump.

It was Dem Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, on to discuss the bill Congress adopted today giving the FAA authority to avoid flight delays caused by the cutback in air traffic controllers, who was subjected to Bashir's lurid lexicon.

Seriously, what is it with Bashir that he chooses to utillize his most vulgar lines with female guests?

MARTIN BASHIR: You know, ma'am, it's hardly surprising that the American people would rather contract gonorrhea or the Ebola virus rather than show any respect for Congress when it's perfectly obvious that members will only take action when it affects them.