Unbleeped Mort Zuckerman: 'No Bull****' About Chris Christie

Mika Brzezinski immediately asked her producer if the seven-second delay had worked.  It hadn't.  On today's Morning Joe, praising the "authenticity" of the New Jersey governor, an unbleeped Mort Zuckerman said there's "no bull****" about Chris Christie.

Joe Scarborough sought to slough off the incident, saying no seven-second delay was necessary: "you got a lot of farmers saying that in western Pennsylvania. That's no big deal."  Mika begrudgingly mouthed agreement but her tone and body language left no doubt that she was uncomfortable with Mort's excursion into the scatalogical.  View the video after the jump. H/t NB reader Cobokat.


Watch the wonders of live TV at work.

Note: as you'll see from the screencap here, Harold Ford, Jr. and James Carville found the comment by Mort—owner of the New York Daily News—monumentally amusing.

Note Deux: Readers will recall that Morning Joe instituted a seven-second delay after Scarborough dropped an f-bomb back in 2008.

MORT ZUCKERMAN: What he brings to the table, which is really quite unique, it's a level of authenticity. There's no bull**** about him, if I may say so.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Well, you just did! Good morning, America.

ZUCKERMAN: When you deal with him, you know, you just respect the guy, and you like the guy. I've had one dealing with him. He was terrific.


ZUCKERMAN: He didn't agree with me, which a lot of people don't. But he just speaks very directly. You don't come away from it resenting him. You respect his views. And that's true of everybody in that state. And that's a rare commodity on either side of the spectrum.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Absolutely. Alex [EP Korson], did it work?

SCARBOROUGH: What? I don't think they're going to seven-second delay that.


SCARBOROUGH: Got a lot of farmers saying that in western Pennsylvania. That's no big deal. Right?



BRZEZINSKI: No, right, sure.

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