Blanking On Her Name, MSNBC's Roberts Calls Michele Bachmann 'What's-Her-Face'

Sure, we've all blanked on a person's name.  But how we handle it can reveal how we feel about the person in question.

On the MSNBC Live show he was hosting during today's 11 AM ET hour, Thomas Roberts, blanking on Michele Bachmann's name, referred to her as "what's-her-face."  View the video after the jump.

Roberts's self-described "senior moment" came as he was discussing the GOP's supposed continuing "war on women."  So animosity toward all things Republican was clearly in the air.  Roberts did later apologize to Rep. Bachmann for forgetting her name.  But imagine that Roberts had blanked on the name of a Dem woman, say Gabby Giffords.  What are the odds he would have called her "what's-her-face"?

THOMAS ROBERTS: Joining me now is Melissa Harris-Perry, host of "Melissa Harris-Perry,"  right here on MSNBC. So Melissa, when we talk about the 113th getting back to action, on a sidenote, we've got, um, ah, Congresswoman, uh, uh gosh, uh, Congresswoman, I'm drawing a blank! Who ran for President. My gosh! What's-her-face?!


ROBERTS: Michele Bachmann! Excuse me. Horrible of me. I'm having a senior moment. But Michele Bachmann, introducing Obamacare repeal. And now we have this, the person that was running on the vice-presidential ticket, bringing up the personhood bill once again.  Is this the begining of the same-old, same-old?

. . .

ROBERTS: Really, that senior moment, it's totally thrown me off.  My big apologies to Michele Bachmann for having that moment.

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