Multi-Millionaire Alan Grayson Twice Calls The 99% 'Sheep'

For a guy Al Sharpton introduced as a "warrior for the 99%," Alan Grayson's got a weird way of showing it.  

One of the richest members of Congress--till his constituents showed him the door in 2010--on Sharpton's MSNBC show this evening liberal Dem Grayson twice described the 99% as "sheep."  Video after the jump.

Watch this trial lawyer who went on to become president of a Fortune 100 firm condescend to the people for whom he's supposedly a "warrior."

AL SHARPTON: Joining me now, two fellow warriors for the 99%: Van Jones, President of "Rebuild The Dream," and former congressman Alan Grayson, Democrat from Florida . . . Congressman Grayson, what will move congress? I've been down to Occupy Wall Street. We had our marches, as I said last month, people are still mobilizing.  What will make the congress change, as we saw in the past?

ALAN GRAYSON: Think about what brought us the civil rights movement.  We had a million people show up at the Washington Monument and demand their rights. We're going to need the same thing right now, but now it's not just one race. It's all Americans, it's the 99%, all of us who just can't take anymore.  The sheep are looking up, and they're going to demand that congress listens

. . .

Now real people, real middle-class people in need, people that are suffering, people that are experiencing the misery of having their Social Security taken away, their Medicare taken away, losing their pensions, their jobs, their homes.  The sheep are going to look up, and they're going to take over.

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