Early Show Echoes White House, Dismisses Debt Downgrade As 'Political'

Should anything happen to the Obamas' Portugese water dog Bo, perhaps the First Family could adopt Jeff Glor as a pet parrot.  The weekend Early Show weekend co-host proved the perfect White House mimic this morning.  Glor dutifully echoed the Obama admin line, dismissing as "political" Standard & Poor's downgrade of the US government's credit rating.

In support of his point, Glor twice mockingly referred to the fact that the country of Liechtenstein now has a better credit rating than the US.  And your point is, Jeff?

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Watch Glor give his best macaw impression.

CBS' Whit Johnson reported from the White House lawn on the Obama admin's reaction to the downgrade.

WHIT JOHNSON: Government officials tell us that the White House fundamentally disagrees with the downgrade and thinks it's a largely political rush to judgment.

Glor then echoed the notion in his discussion with two financial-expert guests.

JEFF GLOR: This seems rather political.

A bit later, Glor, apparently trying to prove his point that the downgrade was political, pointed to the fact that Liechtenstein now has a better credit rating than the US.  Glor seemed to find that absurd.

GLOR: Kelly, our credit rating is now below that of Liechtenstein's.  And with all due respect to our friends in Liechtenstein, I think that surprises a lot of people.

Glor mocked the downgrade with a parting shot at Liechtenstein: "but Liechtenstein still has its [inaudible]."

Well, let's look at Liechenstein.  A business-and-banking-friendly government. Low corporate and personal income tax rates. And, at least in the last year for which data is available, the country apparently ran a budget . . . surplus.  Why the heck shouldn't it have a better credit rating than the $14-trillion-in-the-hole US?


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