In Speech On Tough Times For Americans, Obama Brags 'I Have Better Plane' And 'Bigger Entourage' Than Three Years Ago

Imagine a Republican president giving a speech on tough economic times in which he claimed that the plight of Americans who are hurting is what is on his mind every day as he walks to the Oval Office. Imagine that same Republican president, in that same speech, bragging that he has "a better plane" and "a bigger entourage" than when he was a candidate.  Now imagine the howls from the MSM about such president's vainglory and insensitivity.  

President Obama gave just such a speech today.  Speaking at a plant in North Carolina about the tough economic times, PBO claimed that "what drives me every day as I walk down to the Oval Office" is the need to provide jobs and economic security for Americans.

But Obama opened his speech by bragging that "I have a better plane" than when he visited the same plant three years ago as a presidential candidate.  Later, in explaining that he had brought the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness with him to North Carolina, Obama boasted "I travel with a bigger entourage" than he did as a candidate.

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So, will we see the MSM jump on PBO's callous braggadocio?  Come on.  We all know that the liberal media is part of the president's entourage.

P.S., Mr. President.  You don't "have" a better plane.  You fly in one. The American people put Air Force One at your disposal of the president--for so long as you occupy the office.

BARACK OBAMA: I actually visited this plant about three years ago.  I was still running for office.  Somebody in the plant showed me a picture of the two of us together. And I looked so much younger then. But, ah, so it's true I've got a lot more gray hair now than I did the last time I visited, but, I have a better plane, so it's a fair trade . . . I will not be satisfied till everyone who wants a good job that offers security has a good job that offers security. I won't be satisfied till the empty storefronts in town are open for business again.  I won't be satisfied till working families feel like they're moving forward again, that they're progressing again. That's what drives me every day as I walk down to the Oval Office . . . We got everything we need to help our workers adapt, and to help our fellow Americans through this tough period. But it's going to take all of us working together. The private sector, government, not-for-profits, academia.  And that's what I came back to talk about today. I brought some folks with me.  You know, I travel with a bigger entourage these days than I did three years ago.  So the group I brought today is called the Council on Jobs and Economic Competitiveness.


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