Sanders: Rich 'Have Not Contributed One Nickel To Deficit Reduction'

Bernie, put down the bong!

On Cenk Uygur's MSNBC show this evening, Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont who caucuses with the Dems, claimed that rich Americans "have not contributed one nickel to deficit reduction."

Cenk of course failed to challenge Sander's certifiably silly assertion.

View video after the jump.

Watch Bernie defy reality, and consider that in the last analyzed year, the top 1% paid . . . 38% of all federal income taxes.

CENK UYGUR: How are you going to rally progressives? I'm not putting it all on you.  I know you're a great progressive.  How do you . . . how do we get the president on our side?

BERNIE SANDERS: It's millions of people saying, Mr. President, we voted for you because you told us you were going to defend working Americans. Now is the time to stand up to the big-money interests, ask for shared sacrifice, don't balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the poor and the sick.  If you do that, you're going to have tremendous popular support.  I would like to see a couple of hundred thousand people come here to Washington, say hello to the president, say hello to the Republicans, say do not balance the budget on the middle class, the working families in this country, when the richest people are getting richer.  They have not contributed one nickel to deficit reduction.

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