More Free NBC Pub For The Prez: Obama Stars In Network Promo

September 29th, 2010 8:45 AM
You know, Mr. President, if things don't work out in 2012, we could open a slot for you on MSNBC at 8 PM . . .

It apparently wasn't enough for NBC Universal, little more than a month before the elections, to grant Pres. Obama a half-hour across all its networks to talk about education—while encouraging him to get rougher with Republicans.

There I was this morning, innocently watching Morning Joe, when suddenly an NBC promo popped up, starring—you guessed it—the prez.  It would have been bad enough if this had been a government PSA.  But this was a promo for an NBC Universal initiative called "The More You Know," dedicated, its website informs us, to providing "critical" health messages. [You can be sure one thing it won't be "critical" of is . . . ObamaCare.]

So there was PBO, serving as NBC spokesman.  But instead of passing along that vital health information, the president was instructing parents that they must do their best to get their children ready to learn. They should "set aside time to read with them."  Who knew?

For those of you outraged by this blatant bestowal of free pre-election pub on the prez and his party, know, in fairness, that the The More You Know does feature another public personality: Michelle Obama.