Buchanan & Deutsch: Imprison Pastor To Prevent Koran-Burning

Talk about your strange bedfellows . . .

Both Pat Buchanan and Donny Deutsch have advocated the arrest of Pastor Terry Jones to prevent his possible burning of Korans and the danger to US troops such act would threaten.   The paleo-conservative and the New York liberal made common cause on today's Morning Joe.  They were outnumbered by Mika Brzezinski, Dan Senor and John Heilemann, all of whom opposed the arrest-the-pastor proposal on First Amendment grounds. Buchanan and Deutsch expressed disregard for the First Amendment implications.

Buchanan asserted that if Pres. Obama were to follow his advice, conservatives would support him and his popularity would zoom 10% overnight.

I encourage readers to view the video, weigh the arguments, and weigh in on our comments board.  My two cents say the move would be as impractical as it is unconstitutional, converting the current quandary into a fiasco.

Strange Sequel:  During the 7:30 half-hour, Morning Joe brought Pastor Jones in via a live feed from Florida.  However, after Jon Meachem, citing the New Testament, pleaded with Jones as a fellow Christian to desist from his plan, Mika abruptly ended the interview without giving Jones the chance to reply.  "We really don't need to hear anything else," said Mika, as the Florida feed was cut.

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