Matthews: Clintons [$100,000,000+ Since Leaving WH] 'Not Committed To Making Money'

June 1st, 2010 8:48 PM
Yeah.  And Tiger Woods wasn't committed to chasing women . . .

Chris Matthews got off one of the all-time whoppers on this evening's Hardball.  Seeking to explain why the Clintons have managed to stay together while the Gores haven't, Matthews claimed that Bill and Hillary are "committed to the core not to making money but to public life itself."  H/t NB reader Ray R.

Is Chris simply clueless, or was he intentionally propagating a misperception of the lucre-hound Clintons, who as of more than two years ago had already raked in more than . .  $100 million?  Can't believe the number?  Don't believe me.  Believe . . . NPR.

As video rolled of the Clintons and Gores from their famous 1992 post-convention bus trip that propelled them to victory, John Harris of Politico opined . . .
JOHN HARRIS: Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton always did have a shared project which was the Clinton brand and their ambitions on the national stage. Even at the most difficult periods between them they had that shared bond. I think in the Gores case, both of them had some degree of ambivalence about public life. And I definitely think that was true of Tipper, who sometimes did wilt under the public spotlight. I have seen her --

CHRIS MATTHEWS: You're so smart, Harris. That is so smart. Bill and Hillary are committed to public policy as their primary aim in life. They are good at it. They're good at the politics; they're good at the policy, they're wonks to the core. And they're committed to the core, not to making money but public life itself.
If Only You Knew Al Like Lois Knows Al:  Lois Romano of the Washington Post kept alive the proud MSM tradition of claiming that even the biggest Dem bores are really laff riots behind the scenes: "privately he was a different man.  Funny but rigid." Funny but rigid?  Kind of like Andrew Dice Clay?