Kaine Laughs Off Sleazy Patronage Deals. Sebelius: Kansans 'Wildly Supportive' Of ObamaCare Substance


Someone submit the Morning Joe java to Henry Waxman for analysis.  There seems to be something in it causing top Dems to experience serious delusions . . .

On today's show, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius claimed that the people of her home state of Kansas are "wildly supportive" of the substance of ObamaCare.  Unfortunately, suggested Sebelius, they're just too ignorant to know what's in the blessed bill.

Later, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine didn't deny that the Obama admin had engaged in two sleazy patronage deals, involving Joe Sestak and Scott Matheson.  Instead, the DNC Chairman laughed off the cynical, and possibly illegal, arrangements.  "Life is life," smirked Kaine.

To Morning Joe's credit, the patronage deals and the Charlie Rangel situation were discussed throughout the show.  The withdrawal of Dem Rep. Eric Massa from his re-election race, amidst allegations he sexually harrassed a male staffer, was also discussed, though not raised with Kaine.  Would an RNC Chairman appearing on the show the day after the Mark Foley affair erupted have gotten a similar pass?

Sebelius added insult to injury, twice suggesting Americans were too dumb to know what ObamaCare is about.  Sebelius claimed that Kansans and other Americans support the bill "once they understand" what's in it, but "aren't sure what [health care reform] means."

Here was Kaine, when challenged about the fact that Pennsylvania Dem congressman had been offered the position of Secretary of the Navy in exchange for getting out of the Dem primary against Arlen Specter, and that Scott Matheson had been named to a federal judgeship on the same day Pres. Obama was courting Matheson's brother, a Dem congressman from Utah, for his ObamaCare vote.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Are you saying there is no other reason but qualification for this?

TIM KAINE: Qualification is the most important and I'm sure there are other factors. Life is life, right?







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